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Is this just crazy to do?

3 months ago

This is the floorplan of the main level. Since day 1 the lack of a pantry and the laundry being part of the powder room has driven me crazy. For the most part, it is just me here during the week. I do live in a vacation area, so have friends and family visit on weekends and holidays. Max guests would be maybe 4 other adults, a few kids when family visits.

Right now there is a pass thru window from the kitchen to to great room. It rarely gets used since there is so little storage in the kitchen, that counter area is always cluttered.

I had the plumber here and he told me it would be pretty easy to move the laundry up to the linen closet upstairs that is between the 2 upstairs bedrooms. If I do that, that leaves the laundry available to use for something else. I can close off the doorway between the powder and laundry. I can reorient the powder room and make it less awkward. Then I would use the laundry as a pantry and prep area maybe? I could take the pass thru window from the current kitchen and make it into a doorway. The cabinetry in the great room is a dry coffee/wine bar so the new doorway would make it a direct shot from the dry bar to the sink. I would move most of the other counter appliances into the pantry. I would have to move the range down a bit, but will have enough room for a nice range with 15 inch cabinets on either side.

View of new doorway from great room side.

View from dining area side.

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