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The Future of Cooking, Restaurants and TikTok ….or….Cinnamon Roll Pie?

16 days ago

Okay… all this talk of cooking (one of my favorite subjects!) and I am re-watching Julia on HBO. There are a few commercial breaks in the episode and one is for Cracker Barrel, a **down home** restaurant located in the south (and probably everywhere else) along interstate exits. They are actually advertising ”cinnamon roll pie,“ a ghastly Frankenstein created by putting cinnamon rolls in a pie crust and drizzling the whole thing with powdered sugar icing. It looks terrible in the ad, and no wonder— everyone knows that the rolls and a crust cook at different temperatures for different times! This looks like an idea taken from a stoned teenager on TikTok. My kids’ generation uses Doordash for breakfast (as does one of those kids who shall not be named). And if this is someone’s idea of a good dessert, or breakfast, where are we headed? Wow.

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