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November week 2

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Here's my fall garden report on a Sunday morning for the over east garden :

Shogoin turnips in the foreground. Makes better greens than the root for me.

In back ground is several replantings of greens , turnips , onions and some toasted cowpeas.

My spring planted collard patch. They were watered and in afternoon shade and survived the dry heat and grasshoppers.

Fall onions to the right , garlic to the left , In between a short row of spinach I managed to get up and survive.

Purple top turnips in the foreground. More fall onions behind them , More additional plantings of turnips both to the right and left. Empty spaces in between where I had failed plantings of spinach , chard , kale ,collards mustard,...

Right through here is where I was wanting to put up a low tunnel over , but I kept having to replant several times over and things got spread out. , where I didn't really want them , didn't get the greens mix that I wanted.

Not really much to brag about. If it wasn't for covering some of it for the hard freeze we had , it probably would have looked a little worse.

Also got a lot of dead grass to clear off which I've started doing now , my annual fall cleanup.


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