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Compensation or remedy for cracked cabinet?

Jesse W
3 months ago

Heartbroken. The granite for my countertop is beautiful, but after already trying to look past a number of smaller (if not actually small) issues, I saw today that there is a three inch crack in the face frame of my new cabinet.

  1. What can I do to make sure the wood doesn’t crack further in the future, such as with temperature and humidity fluctuations?
  2. How should I address this with the fabricator? The crack appears to be from where they nailed in the sub counter.

Some of the other things I was trying to let go are how the backsplash was measured a little too high and now the outlet cover doesn’t fit, at least not the type that matches all the others in my kitchen, and that they used so much product when sealing the counter there was goop left that couldn’t be wiped in.

At this point they have been paid for the work they did but we’re still in communication about a large piece of the slab that is left over. I doubt any true fix with the cabinet is possible but maybe they should make the cuts on the “scrap” at no charge or there are other suggestions out there?

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