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Pink Daylilies 2023

3 months ago

Post your photos of those precious pinks here. From soft icy pinks to cerise, let us see the pink daylilies that wowed you last season. It's OK to post pink seedlings too! The next color will be red on Sunday.

Only a few of my pinks did well in 2023. Many had short scapes or only a few scapes that bloomed in their clumps. These are the ones that bloomed the best last season.

Memphis - Scapes were the registered height and it had a decent number of buds.

Ruth Watkins Davidson had scapes the registered height and rebloomed.

Rose Sensation has never been the registered height, but it had bud counts in the teens and rebloomed nicely.

Watermelon Summer also had bud counts in the teens and rebloomed.

The Color of Wonderful had scapes of varying heights. It did rebloom.

Strawberry Alarm Clock was much shorter than usual, but it had a nice late rebloom.

Blushing Escapade was new, but rebloomed on all of its fans.

Grandma's Smile X Dearest Valentine had scapes only a bit shorter than usual, but bud count on the original scapes was much lower than previous years. It did have a rebloom scape with 25 buds though.

Judy's Jewel X Bubblegum Queen #1 had nice tall scapes and a bud count of 17.

Judy's Jewel X Bubblegum Queen 2 had tall scapes and 16 buds.


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  • Brad KY 6b
    3 months ago

    So many outstanding pinks, Debra. You make it hard to pick favorites! Browns Ferry Debutante is perhaps my most favorite [til I look at another one close up, lol]. Also like Memphis and Grandma's Smile X Dearest Valentine as well as Pink Extraordinaire X $exy Samantha,

    Chance Encounter does well every year, increases a lot.

    Chance Encounter x full grown, hovers around 10 buds the past 2 years. siblings.

    Becky Lynn

    Barbara Mitchell

    Vt Sept Star

    Castle Pinkney, reliable show stopper

    Jolyene Nichole

    Webster's Pink Wonder


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    There are many wonderful plants representing the letter J. Jerry Hyatt and Joan Derifield are excellent plants. June Torer and Jewel of the Oasis certainly would look good in my garden. J.P. Moneybags: Great grower. Tall and blooms over a long period of time. JUBILEE BALL: A wonderful Bennett intro. I just love how the blooms seem to look at me. I love this shade of pink. JELLYROLL MORTON: It sat in a pot for a year, but found a home in the ground this past Spring. It even sent up a rebloom scape, which is rare in my area. This has got to be a winner in my eyes (apparently in several people's eyes on this forum). JELLYFISH JEALOUSY: This is a wonderful Reed intro. It blooms for a very long time. I divided the very large clump this past summer. I kept five fans because it is outstanding in a clump. I've heard that it is slow to increase, but it must like my garden. For a diploid and a UFO, it makes very large fans. JAZZ ME BLUES: Another Bennett intro. A great increaser and I love the bloom. Will occasionally throw a pattern. I don't always like to follow rules so this is an honorable mention: JACK BE NIMBLE. Gold is not my favorite color, but this plant just pumps out blooms and rebounds from continued abuse - dividing. I dug up the entire clump in the Spring and moved it to a new location and was unaffected. That is all from me. David
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    I'm late to the party but wanted to share mine (of which some have already been shown): PRINCESS SYNDROME, healthy & hardy, fertile both ways PLANET CLAIRE, I don't grow many yellows but this one is my favorite. Lots of blooms, nice presentation and a husky plant. Apparently I didn't take it's photo this year but Mantis' photo portrays it nicely. PINK BRAID, always blooms it's heart out. Flowers are always perfect on a hardy, carefree plant PINK PRINCESS SLIPPERS, tall, with large blooms and lots of them. The staggered look of the blooms is only because the plant is in a terraced garden PINHILL TALL GODDESS, lives up to it's name. PLUMCAKE PATTY, agree with Mantis on this one. It's excellent!
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    Avon Sunrise is by a hybridizer I am not familiar with. Sour Puss has warm hues with its green heart and peach shading. A Shooter, I see. Diploids in general I find need more dividing to maintain bloom quantity. Siloam Amazing Grace is a nice clear yellow. Mister Butters had a good year. In general, earlier plants performed better, when they could withstand an onslaught of earwigs. How many earwigs didn't I kill? Saul has slain his thousands, but I think I matched that (with little effect, as they were in the ten thousands). Butter Cream was nice (but again plagued by earwigs). Catherine Folker had a very good year. A large-flowered polychrome, but yellow and green are dominant. Always has instant rebloom. A ML. Good height. A Joiner evergreen that performs well, selected by Richard Norris years ago from a garden he visited. Green Mystique has a precise and dainty edge. Seemed closer to five rather than six inches, perhaps because of the slight recurve. Gives a respectable performance most years--and that kind of performance this past year made one stand out. Sarah Christine looked pretty good. A softer yellow, which is usually what I prefer. Crintonic Mister Apollo may be a good performer. As well as Green Icon. We shall see.
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  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
    3 months ago

    Brad: I like your oldie but goldie Jolyene Nichole. Becky Lynn is still looking good too..........Debra: So many nice pinks. When I talk about my favorite form Memphis would make the list. Such a good round symmetrically petaled bloom. I like Ruth Watkins Davidson for the same reasons. I'm sure you have better things to do then keep track of what I like of yours, but that Pink Aloha Seedling is my favorite and I think I've picked it out before. As long as the blooms are held well above the foliage the shortness of daylilies isn't an issue for me as a rule.....I've got a few to post but will do it a little later............Maryl

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Its great to see your seedlings again, especially the ones with good habits like those above.

    Zuzu’s Treasure seems to like my garden, had good increase last season.

    Wanda Lou Lovely is a gorgeous bloom but slow to increase here, not in an ideal spot.

    Undercurrent always performs well, has rebloomed for me.

    Neon Flamingo is new here, has done well in it’s short time here.

    Magic Lake

    Jolyene Nicole a nice oldie.

    Itza Pink Teddy, such a wonderful daylily. Good increase and bud count is good for my garden. blooms are always perfect.

    Divine Design is doing better in a new spot.

    Boy Crazy is finally performing well after being moved three times. The scapes were REALLY tall last season, a foot over registered height, so weird.

    Belle Cook, a nice oldie.

    Before is a really early bloomer, so nice to see it when nothing else is close to blooming. it blooms before my only Stella d’oro.

    Banshee Whisper is a great increaser. It is pouting from a division.


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Sherry - Zuzu's Treasure looks so pretty in your photo! Neon Flamingo did well here also. I love the clump shot of Itza Pink Teddy!

    Maryl - I agree with you about the form on Memphis and Ruth Watkins Davidson. They are very round voluptuous. You have liked the Pink Aloha seedling in years past.

    Brad - I like the look of your Chance Encounter seedling. The form on Castle Pinkney appeals to me.


  • celeste/NH
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    I love pinks, especially the 'girly' ruffled edged ones. Every time I see Debra and Kate posting 'Memphis' I wonder if it would do okay in my climate because it's a beauty. Here are mine:

    Greywoods Tardy Annie

    Shores of Time

    Another Man's Praise, new this year

    Jody Ann

    the oldie, Jolyene Nichole

    gorgeous Kitty Bannerman

    Fetching, new this year

    June Torer, softest pink

    an oldie, Richter

    Webster's Pink Wonder

    Border Crossing

    Hush Little Baby

    In My Father's House, new this year. Not really pink, not really purple.... more of a mulberry

    Katherine Caldwell

    Daughter of the King, new this year

    Dance with Somebody

    Smooth and Creamy, new this year

    Awaken the Dawn

    Joy Came Down

    Dragonfly Dance

    My Friend Jacob (kind of pink-red, hard to decide which it is)

    Castle Pinkney

    Built on the Rock, new

    Rebecca Hockridge, faithfully reblooms every year in New Hampshire

    Like a Gee Six.......apparently it is yellow or a yellow/pink blend in Florida and in other parts of the country but it's a lavender-pink in my garden. This is the same plant that Kate hated because it was always blotchy in Mississippi so she sent it here. Every single bloom was perfect! Thanks Kate!!

    Lingering Love

    Tina's Siren Song

    Bombay Silk, hard to classify color but it's a bit more pink than red here

    Heaven's Throne

    White Eyes Pink Dragon

    Greywoods Fritzwilliam

    Forsyth Flying Dragon

    All My Kittens

    Walter's Elf, new

    Pink Braid

    Gentle Rose, an oldie

    Carol's Gentle Presence

    Pink Princess Slippers

    September Blaze, plain but blooms late

    Emily Dickinson

    Spacecoast Rose Queen, new

    Early Days

    Treasure of the Southwest

    Greywoods Shadow Fox (when I resized my photo it distorted's more round than pictured!)

    Pastel Pink

    Will post my pink seedlings separately. Thanks for looking!

  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)
    3 months ago

    Lots of pretty pinks here and pretty pink seedlings too.

    I like pink but I don't grow as many as I thought I did. Maybe that's because Bob is not a pink person.

    I like Buddy's Pinkie because the flower is large and it's one of a few narrow-petaled pink ones.

    Candy-coated Confection is registered as midseason, but I think it blooms mid-late in our garden.

    Candy Queen has not increased much, but I like the flowers.

    Delinquent Doll is one of the best late bloomers in our garden.

    Impressionist Sky isn't producing many buds right now. I think it needs to be moved.

    Naughty by Nature is a good grower.

    We didn't get to see many of the flowers of Rose Titan. It was one that got crushed when the trees fell.

    Here is our Rosie Cotton's Ribbons.

    Several of our nice pinks got crushed including Dearest Valentine. I hope they all come back next season (I think they will).

    That's all for me.


  • celeste/NH
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    My pink seedlings......

    Bentley Samuel x Red River Dancer

    Kitty Bannerman x Harold Steen, a huge 7 inch beauty, my favorite

    The following are Cat Dancer x All My Kittens siblings....

    out of Shores of Time

    Spirit of the Dove x Green Icon

    this is out of The Royal Greens

    seedling out of America the Beautiful

    Sorry that I don't have my records in front of me at the moment so I can't recall both parents on some of these. I have too many green children!!

    and this beauty I can't for the life of me remember the cross.....but it's huge and breathtaking with angel wings

    I just hybridize for fun. I do keep records but am too tired of posting to go look them up....LOL

  • daylilybedmaker
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    I have some catching up to do. There are so many great looking pinks that have been posted that I wish I could grow them all. I love all the forms and shades of pink. I am certainly drawn to all of the pinks with striking green throats. Love that combo.

    There will be a lot of Bennett pinks in this post.

    BEAUTY IN MOTION: One of the first to bloom. Blooms for 6 weeks.

    CORINTHIAN PINK: A very consistent and large flower.

    QUEEN OF THE SEVEN KINGDOMS: First year blooming and I like it.

    SALTY SKIPPER: A wonderful Bennett intro.

    PICKING TIME: Another Bennett. Rapid increaser. Really reduced the size of this clump this past August..

    PINK JEANS: An older Bennett, but relatively new to me. So far, I am liking it.

    BIG HEARTED LADY: Big bloom that grabs my attention.

    WILD CHERRY WINE: Another outstanding Bud Bennett intro.

    FASHIONAIRE: Another Bennett intro. Love the white midribs on a pink flower.

    COCKY AND BOLD: Another Bennett. Love the wide open throat on this one. This one is a taller plant.

    NEON FLAMINGO: Striking color in the garden.

    FAT AND FOXY: Another Bennett. This one is supposed to reach 28 inches, but it reaches more like 20 inches. I need to move it to the front of the border.

    JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS: Beautiful light pink.

    More to come


  • daylilybedmaker
    3 months ago

    FAST PLEASURE: Another Bennett intro. This one has grown on me. I tend not to like ones that roll back.

    PINK TARANTULA: I love this one.

    WOLVERINE: A good grower once it got established.

    BELLE OF ASHWOOD: A very consistent performer year in and year out.

    BURTONSVILLE BLUSH: A peachy pink, but more on the pink side to my eyes. It also depends on the day and the time of the season. Again, love the white midrib.

    BOLD SYMPHONY: A Bennett intro which increases well.

    WEBSTER'S PINK WONDER (with Beauty in Motion in the background). WPW is a consistent performer for me. I know that some of it's children are more popular, but I still like this one.

    LUCKY DEBUT: Another Bennett which grows like a weed and is loaded with buds.

    JUBILEE BALL: Of course another Bennett. This is a good performer.

    BIT OF JAM: A Bennett intro

    CHARLOTTE ROYCROFT: The pattern changes with the temps and as the season wears on. It is a darker pink and almost a solid pink for the first week and then the eye really stands out as the petal edges get lighter.

    That is all from me. I will have to catch up with the purples and yellows this weekend.


  • daylilybedmaker
    3 months ago

    BORN TO BE AWESOME: I love the bloom, but it never reaches its registered height of 25". It is usually 18" -20".

    CONWAY SERENDIPITY: Light pink with a gold edge.

    FRINGED SWEETHEART: Another light pink

    LINGERING SPLENDOR: Substance like cardboard.

    THESE FOOLISH THINGS: A Bennett intro and parent of BIT OF JAM.


    FROSTED PINK ICE: An old Stamile. Hybridized while he was still on Long Island, NY. Again, a white midrib. Love them.

    Those are all the pinks that I managed to get pictures of this past year.


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    I can't believe I forgot to post Last Chance for Romance, my very late blooming pink. It should have been in the first group I posted of cultivars that did well, even though it had fewer buds than usual and didn't bloom as long.

    Here are a few seedlings that bloomed for the first time that I hope will develop better plant habit in the future:

    American Doll X Bubblegum Queen 1 had neon color but was short and had few buds on its maiden bloom.

    Pink Aloha X Bubblegum Queen 1 - This one multiplied well and had a nice rebloom. I.m hoping for taller scapes and more buds in the future.

    Jurassic Pink X Bubblegum Queen 2 had tall scapes and 12 buds on its first bloom. My rule of thumb is anything with at least 10 buds when it first blooms will go on to have a good future bud count.

    Pink Lemonade Party X Bubblegum Queen


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Celeste - Your seedlings look outstanding. My favorites are Bently Samuel X Red River Dance, Kitty Bannerman Harold Steen and the America the Beautiful baby. Of your registered ones, I most drawn to Daughter of the King and Heaven's Throne. I looked up HT on the NGA database, and it describes the color as a dark lavender with photos there showing it that way. Your pinkish photo is so much prettier. I'm always amazed by the pretty color you get on Awaken the Dawn. It had the great edge here, but was always more peachy than pink for me. I wonder if it bloomed for Mantis last year. And how different Like a Gee Six is in your climate - very pretty! Thanks for posting the photo of SC Rose Queen. I thought about adding that one last year.

    Nan - I'm always tempted by your photos of Delinquent Doll.

    David - Good to see you posting! You have lots of pretty pinks, especially those by Bud Bennett. My favorites are Cocky and Bold, Big-Hearted Lady, and Fast Pleasure. (I love petals that recurve!)


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Debra: I just noticed that it's the first seedling you posted out of Pink Aloha that I like. I see you have others, but that's the one I like. The one that looks almost like a bi-color. Does it look like a bi-color in person? If it ever merits a test name let me know...........I have a few pinks to add.

    Here's my Blushing Escapade in a trio with Mary's Baby on each side. In our heat Blushing Escapade was a pale pink most of the time:

    The Color of Wonderful: Thanks to Debra's enabling. A true pink color that I will be interested in seeing more of next year:

    Rebloom on The Color of Wonderful:

    Sweet Summer Secret. The yellow edge is right up my alley on this pink:

    Yesterday Memories. Holds multiple awards and is still relevant in today's landscape:

    Honky Tonk Barbie: A Selman hybrid that keeps it's place by being so reliable. This was taken in 100 degree heart:

    This has risen in the ranks to being my number one pink. Blooms like crazy on tall thick, wind resistant scapes late in the season.

    Paradise Road:


  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Maryl - Is the last one you posted Paradise Road? There's no name with your information about it. My Honky Tonk Barbie died in a pot last winter. I'm glad it's still doing well for you.

    The Pink Aloha seedling you like sometimes usually looks like a bitone here. It varies a lot in color. Here are some other photos of it:

    When it's cool, it looks rose pink.

    When it's in the high 90s, it looks almost coral.


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)
    3 months ago

    Thanks Debra for the information on the PA seedling I liked. You are always as honest as you can be with your experiences on a daylily and I appreciate that in you. I'm not wild about the color in the last photo. Too blah. And Rose pink can make some weird color changes in our climate so I tend to shy away from that color usually. Maybe it's the form I like so much. It's about perfect.......And thanks for catching the omission. That is indeed Hanson's Paradise Road....................Maryl

  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Awaken the Dawn did not bloom this year. So far, I have not been impressed here with Korth pinks, either in color or vigor. But Smooth and Creamy looks delicious. Sweet Summer Secrets is eye catching. Almost surely tender here, as one of the parents disappeared after the first year (most "tender" plants here dwindle or just do not perform even if they increase). Honky Tonk Barbie was shorter than I liked, but shortness is a positive for pot growth. Nice to see all the Bennetts--so many shades of pink. Last Chance for Romance is definitely filled with buds.

    I like Impressionist Sky, but it does need division more frequently. For some reason, most people seem unimpressed when I post it (here and elsewhere). It does fade with heat, but how many others don't share that characteristic.

    She's Like a Rainbow--a Hanson with good height.

    Doctor McGregor's Garden --an attractive flower, but still not displaying at clump strength.

    Pink Panther Paws. Showed fairly well, but bud count was down on most things.

    Electric Lady Land --good height

    Roses for Dallas --good year here with better height

    Blue Pink Beauty --not as many buds.

    Playing with Crayons. All pics are from this year. Not sure how tall this will be.

    Memorial to Steve. Lots of deadheading on this one.

    Salty Skipper --inferior year here

    Handwriting on the Wall --a great year this past summer, with the only minus being earwigs.

    Diana's Evening Gown --liked this past summer, with decent height.

    Picture in Picture --typical of many Stamiles here, with nice flowers, but limited bud count and increase.

    Martha Edson Norris --not a great year for it. It is rather short by nature.

    I got a good picture of Jubilee Ball, but bud count was way down.

  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Mantis - Thanks for letting me know about Awaken the Dawn. I hope it blooms for you next season. My favorite of yours are Pink Panther Paws and Picture in Picture. You have a lot of nice clump shots!


  • daylilybedmaker
    3 months ago

    Mantis: She's Like a Rainbow is on my wish list. I've seen it in a garden in PA and it is a good one. I also like Pink Panther Paws and of course Jubilee Ball.


  • celeste/NH
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Mantis, that's interesting that you don't have much luck with the Korth pinks. They are excellent here. Daughter of the King and Smooth and Creamy were new this spring but impressed. I have always admired Electric Ladyland every time you post it. A hard one to find.

    Another pic of Smooth and Creamy for Mantis:

  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Celeste, I haven't had that many. Adorned with Joy I lost over winter (strange ). Purify My Heart hasn't been that vigorous here. Heir to the Throne not vigorous. Princess Gown hasn't done much in two or three years. New Covenant I like (not really pink, though). Debra does not have a category for rose.

  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Mantis - You can post New Covenant in the eyed and edged category.


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago

    Rhinestone Cowboy --good year, but last year even better.

  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Mantis - Rhinestone Cowboy makes a pretty clump!


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    These are on the screen, so will post them.

    A Lot Like Love. A nice plant, with good scape height and big bold flowers.

    Roman Cohort can vary with the weather. Here, it appears more rose than lavender.

    A Heart Apart is not a UF, but the flower is large, shapely and rich in color. Around 27-28 inches this past year.

  • shive
    Original Author
    3 months ago

    Mantis - I like your photo of A Lot Like Love. I've thought about adding that one. Roman Cohort usually looks more rose pink than lavender here. It performed quite well last year.

    Roman Cohort


  • mantis__oh
    3 months ago
    last modified: 3 months ago

    Fancy Pants --Those single fans take a while to establish, so can't say much.

    Wild Cherry Wine --bad year here, but good picture

    Gia's Wonder

    La Dolce Vita is a Moldovan that should be more widely grown. Stands out.

    Sitting Cool --mundane year, but exceptional flower

    Neon Flamingo --bad year

    Natalie Antoinette --decent year, but a Stamile with modest bud count here.

    Calamity Jane --got a good pic, but some flowers hang up. I love the color. Height is decent.

    Tahitian Waterfall. Good height. It's a dip.

    Courage Under Fire looked good in a pot.

  • daylilybedmaker
    3 months ago

    Mantis: Love the pictures of the 2 Bennetts.


  • Brad KY 6b
    3 months ago

    Wow so many more great posts since I first looked! Celeste, you sure have a great bunch. My faves are Shores of Time, In My Father's House, Awaken the Dawn, Heaven's Throne, WEPD, Princess Pink Slippers, and my favorites of yours, the first Cat Dancer x All My Kittens and the one whose name you couldn't recall. Nancy, Rose Titan.

    Maryl, Color of Wonderful and Paradise Rose.

    Mantis, Dr. MacGregor's Garden [as usual], Pink Panther Paws, Rose for Dallas, Roman Cohort, Playing with Crayons, and Jubilee Ball.

    David, Big Hearted Lady, Neon Flamingo, Fast Pleasure and Bold Symphony.

    Sherry, Zuzu, which is lavender for me, Undercurrent, Jolyene Nichole, and Belle Cook.

    Vt Fondly Kin x Carmen Renee

    Wind Frills

    White Eyes Pink Dragon

    Wind Frills x VT Rose Rosy

    Maleny Empire Rose


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