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Front door and stucco -- is this how it's supposed to look?

3 months ago

I recently hired a contractor to move my front door location so it opens into a hallway/'vestibule' rather than straight into my small living room, and also ended up replacing the stucco with a smooth finish new stucco. I love the new location but I'm pretty shocked at how bad the door looks from the outside (and the stucco doesn't look as clean and modern as I may have thoughts but maybe that's another post...).

My contractor said he can clean up the edge of the stucco and make it more flush with the door. Is that going to be enough? I can't imagine how this ever looks good unless the stucco has something to 'die into' if that makes sense. My contractor says that trim is old-fashioned and looks ugly -- and we did agree on trimless up front... I just never imagined it would mean the stucco stucks out more than the door and has suchy messy edging.

So I guess my questions are: is this normal/what should be expected for stucco and a trimless door? Did I buy the wrong door style? (contractor did give me measurements and vet the door order)

And most important... what would you recommend to make this look better? Any helpful insights appreciated. First home owned, first time living in a house instead of an apartment, first attempt at a renovation...

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