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Talk me out of this - 48" Wolf LP Cooktop w/griddle and w/ Downdraft

Eric Richardson
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hey All,

My wife and I are planning a kitchen remodel. I am a research fanatic and am trying to plan for literally everything before the first picture comes off the wall for the remodel.

We want Wolf/Sub-Zero appliances including the 48" SRT-486G-LP. Its going on an island. Over the island is a skylight the *EXACT* same size as the island.

No, I cannot re-arrange the kitchen to put the cooktop against the wall. The kitchen only goes together one way and this is it.

Based on what I see online I have a few options:

1. Just deal with strong smells and odors when the cooktop is going at full power (super undesirable, obviously - might also be a safety hazard).

2. Downsize to a 36" Cooktop with downdraft (But 600 CFM still inadequate in Wolf's internal blower motors - also super undesirable).

3. Eliminate the downdraft idea all together and go with a ductless overhead design such as the FuturoFuturo 48" Range Hood.

I just worry if that "super modern" design will look odd in our otherwise American-Shaker conservative-style kitchen.

What are everyone's thoughts here?


To add a bit of clarity - we aren't doing a traditional skylight but a "sky portal" in which a box is built out of the roof (flat roof) and each side of the box has a long narrow horizontally sliding window which can electrically open and close. Then on the roof of the box - there will be a traditional skylight. Possible would be some natural wood beams across the box (only 2 meter span) that would act as support for the linked Vent Hood above and also conceal the electrical connections it utilizes.

Location: Germany.


Current (old) renderings of the kitchen once done as well as floor plan of the house as well as a overview (which itself is old).

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