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Renovating indoor hot tub room into baby nursery - Mold concerns?

Kayla McClanahan
3 months ago

I have an interior room that was built in 1983 as an indoor hot tub room, and existed that way for over twenty years. It is now out of commission, and we are looking to remove the hot tub and prep the room to become a baby nursery.

I'm concerned with the potentially harmful chemicals or mold that has been absorbed into the tongue and groove walls, insulation, and wooden french doors.

Marks on door

Are the dark spots seen on the door frame likely to simply be water damage or is this harmful mold?

Removal of materials

Do you think I need to remove every wooden surface in this room in order to make it safe for a newborn baby or is the wood strong enough naturally to not absorb and pass on those chemicals in the air? I would love to avoid removing whatever possible from a budget standpoint, but I also want it to be a safe room for a baby.

Testing of the air quality

Is there a way I can run an AQ test in the room or on surfaces to know for sure?

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