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Help with hinges for blind corner cabinet

3 months ago

Hi there!

Apologies in advance for using the wrong terminology; I have no idea what I'm talking about.

I have an Ikea cabinet that the is being used as a blind corner cabinet with a sink in it. It is in the back right corner of the kitchen, and I wanted the door to swing out to the right. My contractor had put a piece of wood in the middle of the cabinet at a 90 degree angle with the panel to attach hinges to, but when the countertop people came, they had to cut that wood piece to make space for the sink.

I'd love help figuring out how to attach hinges without that piece. Is there a hinge that could be attached to the "blind" panel, so it would be at a 180 degree angle when the door is closed and then swing out to a wider angle than that? (Please see pic). Or other suggestions??

Thank you!

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