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Would you bother with deck repair/painting this late in the season?

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

What do you think? It's November, and this week has been super cold, and now we have lots of leaves falling in the yard. We need to have some boards replaced. The painting we could do, but we don't have the capabilities to remove/install/cut boards. Would also need another pressure washing. Sadly, our former neighbor/contractor kept ghosting us, and it never got done. I could look for other contractors on NextDoor. That would really be my only option or just move it to the spring. We keep some gardening containers on the deck so they can't really be moved during gardening season because the deer would eat them.

I do use the deck to workout.

Edit: I am in Carolinas where winters are pretty mild. Last year was the first year we had no measurable snow ever.

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