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Well, they bloomed through the 31st

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Viola Francois bloomed on October 29th with one remaining bloom

Probable last bloom: Boy Crazy on the 31at of October there are several buds left/

I believe these are the last since we had a pretty hard freeze last night.

My zinnias have been pretty for a while and I hope they are still with me since I covered them a bit and they are protected somewhat by their location.

I had a lot of green tomatoes on my vines which I picked before the freeze. I wrapped a lot of them in newspaper for slow ripening and canned some for winter fried green tomatoes. I plan to can some green sauces and green tomato salsa too.

Even without rain since early September the vines just grew so many on my three plants.

I have been doing a tremendous amount of yard work to catch up from being unable to work in season. My Fish emulsion should be here early next week for fertilizing. I also have a few more in pots that have filled the pots full of roots so I can plant them. Gardening lasts a long time but I have enjoyed it. It is supposed to be in the 70s this week so I will be in the yearad a lot.


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