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furniture placement in pass through living room

Suzanne Sennett
5 months ago

We added an addition to create a first floor bedroom suite. The addition is accessed through the living room through an open archway (36” opening in the floor plan). The 65 inch opening in the opposite wall is a French door which opens out into the front foyer. Please note that the two windows on the front wall are not centered. The only “non-negotiable” is the inclusion of a large 60x30 executive desk which belongs to my husband’s father and grandfather before him. Which we do not use as a desk, but rather as a display surface - so it can go against a wall. So considering that my husband and I have to basically pass right through the middle of this room to get to our bedroom every night, what’s my best layout to also have the living room conducive to both conversation, but also quiet reading/ music listening when the French doors are closed to separated from the TV room likely across the foyer.

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