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First snow on the conifers this season.

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

11-1-2023: post date.

Snowed late afternoon on 10-30-2023:

Juniperus horizontalis: Along west side of garage.

Pinus Mugo: just planted late July 2023.

J. h. 'Blue rug'. ;-) Newly planted this Fall.

Pinus banksiana: started from seed (2022) collected from witch's broom out at the wild woods.

Taxus canadensis: Along the garden shed.

Tsuga canadensis: From seed collected at 'Rocky Gorge' NH.

Taxus Hicksii: inside sun shade.

Thuja occidentalis: 5 ft. tall started from seed April 2019.

Tsuga canadensis: From seed collected at MN state champion tree.

Pinus cembra: 'Prairie Statesman'. Newly planted this season.

Picea abies: newly planted this season.

Picea glauca: from the moved in August thread. Doing fine.


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