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My cabinet maker canceled my order because of a big job he got.

Paul F.
4 months ago

He gave my $10k back and scrapped the boxes he already made for me. I hear through other vendors that it was $500k+ job he dropped me for. Anyway, I have all my shop drawings and measurements and getting close to picking a new carpenter.

In the meantime, I never thought that I'd find a synthetic wood that I'd like enough to consider for my own kitchen. Its almost as much as the walnut kitchen I had ordered but it is kind of indestructible. I've run it through the ringer with testing sample doors and it is amazing. I could almost pound nails with the small door sample with out chipping or denting the face. I've even soaked it in water for 24 hours.

Am I nuts for considering a high pressure laminate when there is a budget for wood? Have we reached a point it is silly to select fragile wood over realistic resin grain matched plastic?

Talk me out of it.

Here it is in strong sun.

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