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Best placement for a Rhododendron 'Scintillation'?

I tried to plant a Rhododendron once before and it did so poorly I shovel pruned it. My fault because I planted it under the dripline of a mature Maple. And I also believe that area is subject to some winter winds that seem to have a little alley down the fence line there. So I still need to plant it along that fence line. At least that is my first choice. So I'm trying to figure out how to give it what it needs there. I will definitely pull it out from under the tree, but then it would need protection from possible wind, so I'll need to plant something to the West of it. Then anywhere that is out from under the Maple will have direct sun for from 3 -5hrs a day in the summer and I'm not sure how much in the winter. The sun is really cut down in the back after the angle of the sun drops. I just haven't paid attention to count the time. So is it going to get sunburn from too much sun there? Should I think about placing it in more shade?

I have one more place I can put it that would have a Taxus to it's West and a very minimum amount of direct sun in early morning and shade all afternoon.

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