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HOA Pool Surround Reno

Anne Duke
4 months ago

I am a board member involved with making decisions regarding pool area renovation as part of a complex wide re-paint project. Woods beams attached to the (six) pictured pillars have been removed and we will not replace them. The area is west facing so gets afternoon and early evening sun full on. We are considering removal of all pillars, or leaving the second and third pillars from the left and using those to support a pergola of something durable. Unit balcony beams have previously been replaced with alumawood and that has proved to be an excellent decision. I am asking for advice on if that will be a good attractive solution, or for alternatives to provide some shade in the area. The nighttime picture shows that juice to many lights had to be cut to get the rotted beams and connecting wood out. Safe and proper lighting will absolutely be addressed immediately, if only temporarily. Budget is always a concern, so we’re looking for long term lower maintenance and consideration that we are in an area of SoCal that gets strong winds. I Appreciate any and all ideas.

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