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Holiday Dress Up Clothes…Update / Early Report

4 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

After a shopping foray last year I have plenty of options for the upcoming holiday season, but I saw this photo weeks ago on the Talbot’s website and saved it. Rehearsing for upcoming Christmas concerts has put me in the mood (sorry, Mtn!) so today I bought both the skirt and the shoes. They’re heels—- what possessed me?? I have a shirt very similar to the one pictured, but I also have that fancy lace top from Ted Baker I bought over the summer. I am now looking for a super fancy christmassy sweater— angora? sequined candy canes? or a festive wrap. I have a black velvet cape but want something else velvety or shiny or sparkly for the skirt.

How about you, GWers? Have you seen anything dressy and fun for the holidays? Please share pictures and websites!

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