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A literal NIGHTMARE of a quartz install!!! Please help!

cherry nelson
last month


Looking for advice and wisdom. As concise as I can be we built a house. Our kitchen is 14 x 17. When putting our quartz in (as you can blatantly see in photo below)it did not fit. It would not go all the way to wall. It has nothing to do with the brick above. This is the longest wall at 17', it is at a corner that runs into 14' wall. This gap runs anywhere from 1" to 1/2" at some places. The only seam we had was at sink. Now to fix this problem he says he will have to keep seam at sink AND have another right by this corner you see but on 14' wall because this run is too long. Is this the customary way? Along with this he left little scuffs everywhere along edges of kitchen, island, in our laundry. It is as if whatever they use to sand and buff was dull. There is also a chip that he has tried to fix several times and I am not happy with it. I feel since it was his doing he ought to supply a new piece of counter. Am I asking for too much? That man has never admitted fault for anything. NO sorry. My husband has to take out a counter cabinet, uninstall lighting, I have to take everything out of cabinets etc to have him redo this whole mess. I feel like he thinks he did nothing wrong. I admit I am a people pleaser and my husband is also not good with confrontation. We also are sooo tired from building during Covid and having to put out so many fires we just don't have a lot of get up and go right now. We just want to enjoy what did go right in this house and lick our wounds. We are grateful for just having a roof over our shoulders :) thank you!

New seam will go from corner of this top cabinet out so you don't see as much of it.

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