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Fiddling around with log cabins

4 months ago

I can't seem to make quilt tops fast enough to "feed" my longarm. I'm really enjoying the quilting process now. I remember when I had eight tops to quilt, just waiting for inspiration. Just the opposite now. I still haven't gotten into FMQ with the longarm. I don't know if I ever will, but I am loving the computer-driven capabilities of it. Here is my latest. I have so many 1-1/2" strips cut that I may never run out. Next, I may try to use up the pile of 2" strips that I have. I have a pattern in mind. I've used a ton of my 2'1/2" strips to make kits to take to Palm Desert this winter. I have five quilt tops in Ziplock bags, all fabric cut into the sizes I need. That should keep me busy until I get home.

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