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Wash. D.C. area - a favor re: Metasequoia on the Mall

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I would like to ask for a wierd-ish favor for someone who might be willing to pick up and send some seeds from a particular tree on the Washington Mall near the Capitol: a dawn redwood. I will gladly pay for a generous shipping allowance.

The long story: My brother long ago worked as a staffer for a senator; the senator was very big on trees and the environment, and was in a position to influence funding of thing like renovation of the little conservatory (botanical garden) on the Mall. In fact, he held up all financial bills until the Senate voted to do the renovation (sound familiar?). Later, my brother sourced a Metasequoia glyptostroboides from his home state to be planted on the grounds near the Capitol. There was a tree planting ceremony that was kind of a big deal to my brother at the time.

The dawn redwood grew and grew, as they do, and a few years ago my brother-in-law was visiting D.C. and gathered some seeds from that very tree, not knowing that my brother had a role in it. He grew a couple of seedlings and before he left his place for good he gifted one to my brother and somehow the connection was made… It became a family story to marvel at.

Fast forward: My brother is now retired on the other side of the country and his little tree just died from a failed water system. The loss had a huge impact on him. I’d like to start some new ones for him (he’s not very good with horticulture).

So, if some kind soul were to send me a bunch of seeds from this tree on the Mall I would be super appreciative! I have no problem covering shipping and gathering costs. I do have some interesting house plants for trade and live in the SF Bay Area where we have lots of cool things. I also have access to seeds from the oldest Metasequoia in the U.S., if that appeals to you. Message me here if interested.

Thanks for reading.

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