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will huge wire fit on 100 amp breaker?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I have an old Cutler Hammer 175amp panel that is jammed full so I am going to put a new 100amp

subpanel next to it. My plan is to take out enough breakers from my old panel to insert a 100amp Cutler Hammer breaker and run wire from that to a main-lug new subpanel right next to it.

I understand that given the derating, I will need 1/0 copper (or even larger if aluminum) wire to go those 2 feet from one panel to the other.

But will that huge wire fit onto that 100 amp breaker? The vendor selling the breaker

tells me that the hole in the breaker for the wire is about the size of #10 AWG. Even if it is #8 or #6, that sure is a lot smaller than 1/0 wire!

How is this normally handled?

Thanks in advance!

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