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October 2023 week 3

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

Welll... it's mid Oct now. About too late to plant any thing now except garlic. I got mine already in along with some fall onion sets.

Looks like the grasshoppers have slowed down out east finally. I won't say they're dead but I didn't see as many hopping around as I've been seeing.

I got 4 or 5 extra turnip patches coming up now from all the replanting, but not hardly any spinach and just a little mustard . But anything that comes up now will be slow to grow due to the declining daylight day by day.

I saw the eclipse while I was over east even though A-hole weather saw fit to have a cloud bank come over to obscure it right when it started. The clouds actually helped me to see it when it thinned off some , could just glance up and see the eclipse without having to use special glasses. Just couldn't see the half moon shadows through tree branches if it was a clear day. It got kinda Wizard of Oz looking being so cloudy but at least I could watch it off and on. .The sun part of it just looked like a crescent moon.

I've had much better luck with fall plantings over at Jennifers. I got a strip of various greens going along with a row of green beans and a double row of green peas and some brassicas. About the best looking fall garden I've done , but I sure had to work at it with all the watering AND shading.

I'll try to post some pics of it later.

Might have to cover up a little for a light patchy frost in the morning ( Monday morning) . I saw a low of 37 for the OKC area.


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