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Variety of Fig cuttings wanted! I'll pay the shipping!

tony tom
4 months ago

Hello! I'm in love with figs and would like to have a collection of fruiting trees. I was gifted an Italian variety by my brother who "broke" it off his tree from the base with roots. He met an old Italian man who brought the original tree from Italy many years ago. The man showed him how to bury the tree in the winter and bring it out in the spring because we live in Michigan. My brother offered to pay for the tree but told him he would never sell a tree to someone. He always gave them away. This ensured that he would get a great crop each year and that his little fig tree would be planted in different places. I have given out several rooted cuttings from this tree and will continue to do so. But, I would love to have other varieties to be able to do the same. If you have any cuttings that you would be willing to ship to me, I would gladly send you a paid shipping box to send them back to me. I will be taking cuttings from my tree soon and would be more than happy to do the same for you. Again, I do not know the variety of the fig other than it came straight from Italy. Let me know if you are willing to trade or share some of your cuttings. Thank you in advance!!! My email is if you would like to email me directly