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What is wrong with my green giant arborvitae

Donna R
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

We had three of these planted when we had our lawn put in last year so they have been in one year. We are in zone 6A in Northeast Ohio. We have an irrigation system so the grass has been watered this summer, and two or three times I have put the hose on really slow at the base of these trees since they are only going on one year in the ground. All three have looked great up until now, but the middle one is getting brown tips. We put fertilizer spikes in the ground about three months ago so they don’t need to be fed in my opinion. If anyone is wondering what the fencing has around it, we had deer rubbing their antlers against it last year which damaged one of them but it has recovered nicely. We’re trying to keep the same thing from happening again. In our area, we have had a very dry summer. The sprinkler system has been on every other day. From what I am seeing online, it might need water. I wanted to check in here before doing that. The other two are all nice and green from bottom to top.

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