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New Induction Cooktop Doesn't Fit - help?

Lina George
2 months ago

Ordered a 30" induction cooktop to replace our 30" gas... once it was out (and, already hauled away, thanks Best Buy 💀) the installation team discovered the hole is cut unevenly and it doesn't fit.
There's about a half inch gap at the back (or front) and the sides are just baaaaaaarely touching. Not a very stable situation.
What does one even do at this point? We're driving to a warehouse to rescue our old cooktop tomorrow. There's the short term fix.
Is there a way to fill in Formica countertops without it looking like trash? My assumption is no.
Anybody put a 36" induction in a 30" spot? It doesnt go down very far, and there's at least 2.5 inches before the top of the drawer holes (see pics).
Otherwise, we're probably ordering a new 30" gas stove with a downdraft (there's the other fly in the salve, but the least of our worries as we do have upward ventilation as well). We wanted to get away from gas, blech.
Fwiw if you've made it this far, Geek Squad has been lousy to deal with: this is part 2 of a parade of ill-communicated inconveniences 😑 (they couldn't have installed it anyway [for the second time now] even if it HAD fit, cuz they're not electricians and regular plus extra installation service levels don't cover actually installing it 🥴)

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