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Choosing interior door style

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello, need advice.

Currently redoing windows/floors/paint/trim.

Decided to replace doors/hinges/handles as well.

Initially decided on flat door for simplicity and ease of maintenance. Now hubby and I hesitating since getting 70’s vibe we don’t like.

We are going for a minimalist look. Painting walls white, white wash maple floor, flat floor/door trims. Stair and railing will also be replaced. House was built 2003, slowly replacing ”colonial/contractor“ vibe.

Considering single panel shaker door for its simplicity. Hesitation as I don’t know if considered contemporary or classic.

Considering two panel shaker door. Find it interesting. Hesitation because read it is more of a classic style which I’m trying to replace.

Also considered 3 panel but afraid it will get dated - out of style.


Your thoughts are much appreciated.


for reference

trim/floor/sample - wall paint color

new window/trim style throughout house

Current door style

stairs/railing inspiration

ours will have wood step and riser with square nosing. rest same. i really like the vibe of this space.

door handle/hinges mat black

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