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Hi all, I would greatly appreciate ideas how to utilise this section

Eric Yang
2 months ago

Firstly, this is my new flat that I recently got keys to, I had some idea of how it looked like based on given floor plans and virtual showrooms (but we can't choose the design), but after getting keys and looking it in person certainly got me thinking about this section then what I initially planned it for. With reference to my floor plan below, it is the area circled in blue.

So I had initially planned a 2 seater sofa, no longer than 1.6m to be placed here. however it would look as 1/2 the sofa will be against the wall, 1/2 against the door, which well to me looks weird. When the door is closed, the frame juts out like a sore thumb, plus of course the 'cavity' left behind by door.

So right now there are three ideas in varying amounts of cost and my thoughts on it:

1. Built an additional partition wall to create a pocket door, but now I'm concerned about the reliablity of these sliding doors (this isn't some million dollar apartment where everything is probably of good quality but its considered on the low end of housing costs where i'm from) hence if down the years i need to replace the sliding door, i would need to hack away the partition i built.

2. dismantle the sliding door, replace it with a swing door - highest cost - i'm already over my budget because I didn't like how the kitchen turned out to be so I need to spend extra on that) but this in the long term is likely the best solution, it would give me a full 1.8m of usable wall and the usually more reliable hinge mechanisms. Although i dislike dismantling something that I already paid for.

3. change the 2 seater sofa to a armchair and a coffee table, one against each backdrop. the least hassle, I lose some seating if guests are over, less comfotable for them. but certainly the most wallet friendly.

4. right there's a fourth but not advised by some contractors I consulted, paint the door and the frame but because its laminated, removing that laminate and sanding it down would cost a fair bit and they said this isn't a type of wood, felt like some man-made material, not exactly plywood either, they couldn't put a finger on it. and the 'grains' would still be visible, they werent confident it would look like the same as the wall (with whatever colour i choose the wall to be painted with)

So right now I'm leaning towards #3 and #2 a distant second. But I would really love to hear your thoughts and ideas! Help needed!

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