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Is There Anyway I Could Use a Round Mirror in Bathroom Reno?

2 months ago

We are doing a full reno of our main bath and my contractor wants me to have all materials on site so that the job will be done as quickly as possible. Before I order the mirror and vanity light, I'd appreciate some validation for my choices, or possible suggestions in case this doesn't work.

The vanity will be 48" wide, with a left offset sink which will be 20" wide by 15" deep. The cabinets are going to be kitchen depth, 24" deep. To the right of the vanity there will be a floor to ceiling 24" (15" deep) cabinet. The toilet and new tub with white subway tile (3x10 with medium grey grout) will be to the left of the vanity.

I'd REALLY love to have a round mirror, but I've pretty much given up on that idea due to the offset sink. We are very symmetrical people so anything other than completely centred would drive us crazy!

This is my current board. The mirror I'm thinking of is 48" wide and the light fixture is 36" wide. I know that's typically larger than the recommended width for a mirror, but we've taped off smaller mirrors and nothing really seems to work! Our two daughters, ages 8 & 18, will be the main users of this bathroom so they need as much workspace and mirror that we can give them!

So, my question is, am I making good choices for the mirror and light, and is the rectangular mirror better than a round mirror?

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