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Need help on my indoor atrium’s pond

Janis Bornemann
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello my grandma’s home has an atrium that’s built directly in the center of the home I know super uncommon for a home in Phoenix,Arizona.

Inside this atrium is a lava rock waterfall that is connected to a pond that’s all cemented in together. Years ago my father decided to paint the cement blue and he didn’t like it so for some reason put stucco all over the painted parts and on the cement that’s embedded into the lava rocks…. Fast forward to now I wanted to put fish in the pond and upon examination the stucco is chipping off everywhere so as one does I googled for answers on what to do and let me tell you I have found 0 answers lol so I’m just winging it,I know the absolute best way would to just gut it all out and start over but that takes a lot of time and money and I don’t got that so any suggestions, thoughts or opinions that help salvage what’s there let me know It would be much appreciate.

The plan:

•Remove all the old stucco off of the concrete and carefully remove the stucco that’s on the rocks

•vacuum up all the loose debris

•Give the pond and rocks a good but gentle scrubbing

•proceed to cement over the the existing cement and feather that into the lava rocks but using an cement color dye to match what’s on the the rocks.

•remove all the rocks that’s surrounding the pond and replace with river rocks

That’s about what’s needed to be done now but I’ll have a separate post on the decor of my atrium after this hurtle in the project

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