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Layout help for Kitchen/ ,waterfront cabin renovations advice.

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Renovating 1200 sq foot Waterfront Cabin on gorgeous property on a point so waterfront on 3 sides. . cabin is a pan-abode, a kit log home from 1960, has some MCM type lines.

For a Couple , who cook a lot ,but tons of guests in summer.

Goal is improved kitchen, open to the DR, Emphasis on the outdoor views

Good storage. Hoping for modern laid back style. keeping in style of existing charming warm cabin.

We are adding on a Covered deck with area for cooking and prep outside as well as covered outdoor seating on the side facing the point.. .

Style cabin modern.

Can change. Are taking down wall between DR and Kitchen. Increasing windows and doors for increased views

Adding covered outdoor deck.

Plan is a separate clean up zone ( as this seems needed for our style of cooking/ guests.

I prefer no range or sink on island.

Lots of windows so few uppers.

Large door in DR to deck ( maybe slider maybe Nanowall like).

Pass though window in kitchen.

Plan for cabinets a mixture of douglas fir below and light coloured painted uppers.

Integrated pulls.

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