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Catching up-a bit of this and that

Bob and I have been busy moving daylilies around. We have been lining out future intros, lining sale plants for next year, and moving select seedlings. Our moving is about done. We don't like to move daylilies too close to average first frost date. We still have a lot of work to do--pulling up the landscape fabric, mowing off the rejected seedlings, tilling the ground and sowing winter rye. We also need to weed and mulch beds.

Here is a new sales/select bed. This bed is where a pathway along the pine trees used to be. The big piles of mulch is from the pine trees that were shredded.

I thought this was interesting. We were moving this seedling and found a big stolen on it.

Sister Magic put up a rebloom scape.

We enjoyed seeing this seedling--Cherry Pie a la Mode X Rosie with a Ring.

This seedling is One More Bud X H. vespertina.

The color on this seedlings is not good, but it looks nice when it is one of the few blooming. This is Snidely Whiplash X (Burgundy Eye Shadow X Heavenly Tiger Tails.

That's all for me.


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