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Kitchen layout - help needed! (Appliance and item placement)

9 months ago

Hi all! Hoping to get some input about our kitchen design! Currently we’re a couple who cook 3-5 times per week & there’s a possibility of expanding our family. Our priorities for the kitchen are functionality/ergonomics, storage & one that will grow with us. We love the idea of having a large island and want a little coffee/tea station (probably under the open shelves on top of the dishwasher) as this is part of our regular routine.

I have a couple questions about your thoughts on the current design:

  • Does it make sense to have dishwasher, then garbage pull out then sink? Or is it better to go garbage pull out, dishwasher then sink? Or would it make sense to do the garbage pull out under the sink as it’s pretty large? We really want the sink by the window which prevents us from having the sink between the dishwasher and garbage (unless the garbage is in the corner but I don’t think that’s ideal). For whatever choice you choose, why?
  • Is there too much open shelving? For the open shelving in the corner, would it be better to do an upper cabinet or a countertop cabinet? Or any other ideas for that upper corner?
  • Where’s the best spot for a microwave? We could put it in the countertop cabinet on the perimeter of the kitchen? Or maybe in a base cabinet in the island?
  • Lighting: do we keep the skylight as is (square) & do no pendants? How would we illuminate the island and where would the lights go? Should we remove the skylight and put pendants? Should we move the skylight on top on the bar seating (rectangle) and have pendants as well?
  • Where would be the best place to store pots & pans? Ideally I like a pots & pans drawer but am not sure there would be wide enough drawer on the island closest to the stove, so should I prioritize this or put it in the corner cabinet?
  • Any other ideas/thoughts?

Happy to provide other photos and info!

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