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Help needed, please: drawer slides

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I made a big goof a few years back and I hope that the furniture industry has come up with a solution by now. In my vacation home (because I once had a plumbing leak that caused a lot of damage) I had shut off valves put on all my fixtures so when I left for an extended period of time I could shut off all the fixtures and drain the lines. But, like a dummy, when I was renovating the bathroom I fell in love with a cabinet that had drawers - instead of doors. So now, when I come to the house I have to remove the drawers to get access to the water shut off valve under the bathroom sink - then put the drawer back in for use; repeat when leaving. Not a big deal (it has the kind of slides that are positioned on the sides of the drawer and you pinch in a little tab to release the glide; putting it back in place is a bit more tricky but it can be done). My question to you experts out there: have they come up with a slide that is easier to remove and re-install the drawers that is much easier than what I have? It is a quality slide, for sure - just a pain, especially to put the drawer back in place - you have to wiggle it in such a way to get the slot in just the right place...blah, blah. :-) Of course, the real solution is to buy a different cabinet - but that would be pricey, of course. Any other thoughts before I go cabinet shopping?

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