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Help my Orange Glory Maple

Kimberley M
2 months ago

Hello! I am searching for information on the best way to go about helping my recently planted Orange Glory Maple. I actually planted it in November 2021. Since it was autumn, all I received was practically a little stick. However, it grew leaves in the spring and grew taller. He’s (I call it a he) still small but growing.

This summer (I’m in Louisiana) was brutal. I had to water him manually when usually the rainfall is enough. I probably should have done it more often, but we were asked to conserve water. We had several spates of fires burning out of control and that really never happens around here.

Anyway, he’s still alive, but lost a few leaves and looks generally like he had a bad summer. What can I do for him (besides watering) to help fortify him nutrient-wise? And when is the better time, if there is one, to do it? I feel bad and want to help him be the best tree he can be…

Thanks for any advice and guidance.

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