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Apartment bathroom reno - window in shower?

Debbie Downer
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Planning a walk in shower for the tiny bathroom in the rental unit. However the only window will be in the shower and size of opening cant be altered - its about 31" w x 41 1/2" tall. Have not wanted to do vinyl double hung or casement because soap and crud would mess up the mechanism in no time. Have not wanted to do glass blocks cos ones Ive seen block a lot of light and mortar gets to looking pretty grungy. However Im seeing these panels that look like glass block but its all one unit and I hope having no grout more cleanable.... but doesnt look like custom sizes are available. Any other suggestions, recommendations? Ive been hoping to find actual waterproof windows specific for in-shower use but not seeing anything. Ultimate goal is as much light as possible, with some ventilation.

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