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Quartz backsplash seams too noticable

julie smrke
2 months ago

Hi I'm new posting here but after a lot of research I thought I would solicit some opinions. I recently had my quartz countertop and backsplash installed, countertop first. The one seam on the countertop is next to invisible as seen in picture. However the one seam on the backsplash is 1/16th of an inch wide and can be seen from 15 feet away. It is next to the sink and aligned with the cupboards. The shop has said they have no plans to redo it but will send someone out to 'beautify' it. My question is, why would this seam have been so much wider than the countertop? It was a different team, is it just lack of skill? And if they refuse to redo it, what can they actually do to make it look less conspicuous? Should I push back hard on this? There is a tiny bit of lippage on the backsplash seam near the bottom as well. I'm so disappointed with this especially after seeing the excellent job they did on the counter.

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