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grout color options (and sealer)

2 months ago

I have ordered all of the tiles for two bathrooms.

One is this Ivy Hill in the gray color:

The other two are the Makota hex in shoji white (floor) and Blush (wall). Here's an article that has grout suggestions (although I am not using this brand)

The tile person recommended Custom brand Snow White for all three or possibly Bleached Wood for the Makoto tile.

I don't love the idea of using white on the floors and also plan to use Mapei grout. So currently looking at comparable options and unfortunately have to research this because there isn't a store anywhere near me that sells the Mapei so I am having to order it and hope it's the right color!!

My thoughts are Frost (maybe for the gray tile since it may pull cooler) or Warm Gray for all three although not sure this is the best for the shoji white tile. Avalanche may be okay but it is light. I also think it could potentially work for all three and save me the cost of having to buy multiple colors although I am okay if that has to happen.

Hopefully, there are some experts out there who can help so I don't ruin the tile with a bad grout color choice!!!

(Also, is there a great brand to seal both the tile and grout without having to do two products!)


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