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Sago Palm's new growth taking forever please advise...

9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

About a year ago my sago lost all its fronds but it still put out some healthy pups. Then we had a very wet california "winter" and I ended up optimizing its soil and drainage so that it could handle all the rain. Then not much happened for awhile. My feeling is the wet winter stressed it out.

Around June it started to pop up some new growth. I was super excited. But that new growth hasn't gotten past its nascent state. Its in the right soil with excellent drainage. Gets plenty of sunlight. I fertilize it (8-4-8) every couple of months Spring-Summer but its been "stuck" like this for a few months and I am noticing the new growth starting to brown a little at the tip. Trunk is sturdy.

Its October almost and I worry its missed the growing season for the year.

Would appreciate advice and well wishes! Thank you.

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