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Advise me Re: Thyroidectomy, please

2 months ago

Finally having my thyroid removed due to nodules that have increased in size. I have the clinical pre-op and post-op orders; however, I am feeling that I need some practical advice. My husband will be with me at home, and my daughters are close by. I think I have thought of what I will need post surgery. pillows to elevate, books and podcasts, movies, soft non-scratchy food. I will have ice cream, ices, pudding, jello, pastina, soup, eggs in the house. Can you think of anything I am leaving out?

The doctors have told me what to expect during and post surgery, but it would be reassuring to hear from those of you who have had a thyroidectomy or know someone who has. I will be staying overnight. I have asked the doctor loads of questions, but hope I did not overlook something.

Open to all your suggestions and insights.

Thanks, Linda

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