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Jack and Jill Bathroom Private or Open

2 months ago

We are building a home and there is a Jack and Jill bathroom. I am debating on removing the door and part of the wall and only leaving a privacy wall (in red) so that the space feels a bit more open. The original plan has the shower/toilet separated by a door, but I think it's a pretty tight fit and was trying to find a way to make the space feel more open, but does this take away from privacy? (One kid using toilet or shower with a closed door while other is at the sink/mirror)
Expanding the dimensions is not an option so I can only work with the current space and dimensions as is.
I'm also leaning towards removing the tub/shower combo and having a shower only in this bathroom as well. It will be shared by my two children and I don't see any pros of leaving a tub when no one takes a bath unless it's in the master.

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