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Can I have a 5/8 to 1 inch mortar bed on exterior steps?

2 months ago

These brick steps (bottom pics) need to be raised 3 inches in order for the riser heights to be even at the top wood step to the porch. I found some 2” high pavers online at a big box store that I could put on top of each step (top left pic, 16” wide). Can I put a 1” mortar bed on top of the brick steps in order to raise the height 3 inches?

If not, can I have a 5/8” mortar bed to bring it within the 3/8” variation allowed?

I may choose a different stone, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to find anything thicker than 2”.

Any additional advice on raising these steps is welcome. (Wood rots and composite warps in this environment. Top wood step needs flashing behind trim. Existing brick steps are sturdy and need cleaning. Fill dirt can be added to raise bottom landing. DIY may be the only alternative due to lack of contractor availability.)


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