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Am I able to install a 45” kitchen sink using 2 cabinets?

2 months ago

Ok so I’m gonna try to explain this the best I can...Long story short, the contractors mixed up the measurements for my sink base and my island cabinets. They had the sink base written down as 48” and the island as 36” when really its the other way around (sink base is 36”/island is 48”). I bought a 45” workstation sink that cost me $2200. It’s called the Kohler stages sink if u wanna look it up for reference. The sink basin itself is only about 36“ but there is a drainboard on the side which houses a hanging storage rack underneath.

They are telling me that they can use 2 cabinets to hold my sink. The 36” base plus a small 15” cabinet. Essentially their plan is to put the sink basin end in the sink base cabinet then have the drainboard part with the hanging rack in the 15” cabinet. The hanging rack would be hanging down into the bottom of the 15” cabinet. Is this even possible? Obviously they would have to do some cutting and remove the drawer from the 15” cabinet which I dont care about but I am worried about the stability. The issue is—I already bought custom made countertops so changing the cabinet layout isn't really an option or else I would just get a bigger sink base. The guy is telling me that they can custom build something between the cabinets/under the sink for extra stability but I just wanna know—is this even possible to do? Can this work? I really need some advice because I’m not familiar with all of this. I’ve been trusting the contractors but after their mess up I feel like i need other opinions. Thanks in advance!

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