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Any feedback on our living room makeover plans? :)

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hi there,

we're living in a small house and are currently trying to rearrange our living room to make it feel more cozy and better suited for entertaining. I've attached our current floor plan plus my thoughts on the new floor plan as well as some photos.

The current, messy floorplan:

Some pictures of the current situation:

We already own a nice cognac leather couch which we intend to keep and are thinking about buying an additional modular couch and a loveseat to double as a living room table. The wooden behind the leather sofa is used for the occasional sewing and art project and should stay if at all possible.

Our leather sofa (I was thinking about replacing the legs with ones that match the modular sofa):

The new floorplan (maybe):

The desired modular sofa (blue fabric) and loveseat (beige fabric):

Colorwise I was thinking about buying the new couch in a dark blue to match our hallway and to contrast our red kitchen and the cognac colored leather sofa. I'm not sure about the right color for curtains (maybe red to mirror the kitchen?). For the loveseat I'm thinking about either cappuccino brown (safe option) or golden yellow (but maybe this clashes with the red kitchen!?).

Maybe we could also paint some of the walls in a neutral/dark brown/black or even some of the ceiling to break the room up a bit!? We do kind of like the feel of darker wall colors, but don't want to overdo it...

Also the light fixtures give me headaches. Maybe we could incorporate something wooden like in the hallway or metal like the kitchen or keep with the light paper design we currently have. Unfortunatelly the ceiling height is quite low (2,45 m), so there's no space for a chandelier type lamp.

The dining bench I want to redo somehow as well. Either by painting it (black? blue?) or adding a more modern wood paneling on the ugly back... Not quite sure yet.

Moodboard / material board for the new sofa and curtains with fireplace, hallway and kitchen for reference:

I would really appreciate any input or tips for our situation regarding furniture placement as well as color choices :-) Thank you so much in advance!


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