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Thoughts on window, gutter, fascia color, on all brown 80’s house

2 months ago

Recently had a tree fall on one side of my roof. Insurance is replacing roof and gutter on that side of house. Also had a tree limb come through front windows so they are replacing that as well. All my windows are original, drafty and need replacing. Dilemma is that they are all currently brown as are all three sliding glass doors in my home. Do I replace those with brown again given the slider doors are brown (terratone)?

Was thinking of replacing all the gutters since they are replacing the one and the others are horribly faded so it won’t match anyway. Do I stick with brown on those as well? Fascia and soffit..same? Right now it’s all dark brown including the downspouts. I’d love to lighten things up but I feel like it’s a snowball effect and doing one thing would require more and more to make it look nice. Thoughts please?

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