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Are my nightstand choices okay? Please help!

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I moved into my new place about a year ago but because of some stressful life events I am only now getting around to ordering certain furniture and finishing up my place! For my bedroom, I already have a bed frame and ordered a dresser, but now need your advice on whether my nightstand choices are okay? Because I'm new to designing my spaces, I'm anxious that everything will show up and look terrible together! Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated <3

Bed I have:

Dresser I ordered:

Nightstands I want:



Both nightstands are 28 inches tall, and I don't like to match but want to make sure these choices are coordinated? I'm OBSESSED with the campaign dresser so would love to maek that one work if possible!!!!

VIBE -- For context, I have wall frames, white walls, black doors, and brass hardware/doorknobs (and for one door brass/crystal doorknobs). The vibe is very similar to this:

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