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2 Kitchen Layouts…which one will look the best??

2 months ago

So tired of stressing over which kitchen layout to choose. I designed one that centers our stove on the largest wall in our open concept kitchen, but means it won’t be centered with the island. My 2nd design centers the stove with the kitchen island, but leaves me with 2 different sized countertops on each side of the stove and my fridge closer to the mud room door, which may have a little more traffic. I am having a custom wood range hood that I would like to be a focal point. I love symmetry everywhere, so this stinks as neither option is ideal to me. But, I designed this house myself and let’s just say…don’t ever buy a design software program and expect the measurements to be correct. Mine was considerably off and I made the tough decision to move the staircase from in front of my main door, to beside the pantry so part of the staircase didn’t hang down into my hallway view. That took some pantry space, which was ok because it was large to begin with, but completely changed my initial kitchen cabinet design. Uggghhh.

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