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reproduce before you die ....?

9 months ago

Two of the most colorful things in the garden at the moment are the red balls of fruit on the Milky Way dogwood tree and the red fruit on the holly tree/shrub. Both have never produced such a display before! Hopefully it is just because they have reached a higher level of maturity. But this September has been the driest September since we started keeping rain records from our rain gauge in 2003! I thought last September was dry at 36mm. But this year Sept. has only had 25mm. here so far and there is nothing but sun in the forecast for the next week. (1 inch = 25.4mm.) I wondered if the dryness contributed to the winterkill on the heptacodium tree; if it did the rest of the tree might die this winter! July had 162mm. of rain and August had 79mm. I can only hope October had good rain but it didn't last year... :-(

I hope the dry conditions don't damage the dogwood or holly and that they aren't trying to reproduce because they feel they are going to die!

This picture is lousy but hopefully you can see the fruit. It is much redder than it shows here: Milky Way dogwood:

Closer picture:

Holly from home-office window:

Closer view of holly fruit:

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