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Loads of work done and Latest Reblooms

2 months ago

Finally a rain but not a hard rain. I don't understand how rebloom continues when it is so dry. I have weeded and put cardboard and mulch down on the Pink Flamingo Leggins bed, the Munsun bed and about half of the side bed along with the Rock and Left Front beds. Thewre are three plants yet to bloom and these that are blooming:

Chicago Star has been really pretty

Blueberry Breakfast once again put up scapes after completing rebloom

Firey Temper


Grape Twizzler

Sun's Eye

Last bloom on Exotic Starfish was a poly

And Black Panther finally bloomed its last one

Rocket Booster is reblooming yet again with two new scapes:

And Two and a Half Cats put up more scapes too

Three more yet to bloom. October is looming and still more blooming and no sign of cooler temps yet either.


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