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long, narrow kitchen layout

2 months ago

I am working up my friend's kitchen renovation. Please offer your most helpful critiques of this layout. The main wall on the right has to stay as it is load bearing. The small wall by the front door can go (it doesn't exist currently.) The kitchen cannot be widened.

The reno will be a swap of the current formal dining and kitchen spaces, so all plumbing will be moved and electrical will be redone so no hindrances there.


The main sink will be under the window. The window will be raised to counter height.


1. A sitting space close to prep area so that she can sit while prepping - and where family members/guests can sit and chat with her while cooking.

2. At least one cabinet that rests on the countertop.

3. A buffet space that works with lines for hosting dinners for guests, which she does frequently.

Current pic, layout, and rough render included.

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