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Havens Stainless Sink - Apron Front Farmhouse

2 months ago

We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. I'd really like a stainless steel apron front sink. Due to the layout of our kitchen, we are limited to a 42" cabinet. I'd really like a workstation sink to allow additional functionality (mostly cutting things up), and we'd like a double sink, or at least a partially divided sink so that we can easily do dishes without filling up a whole huge sink (we do mugs and some pans on a daily basis) and so that we have two drains - a strainer for the dish side and a garbage disposal for peels, etc.

In order to get what I want, it's going to have to be custom. I've spent a fair bit of time looking and narrowed it down to Havens or The Galley sinks. We've seen the Galley in person - I really liked the accessories better than what the Haven offers. But I have concerns about the pricing and the quality. For those who have one or the other, what can you tell me that you like or dislike? What about the accessories - are there other options than what the manufacturers offer that will fit? In particular I'd like a more open bottom grate than the Haven offers.

I'm also concerned about scratches. I'm fine with normal wear and tear - stainless will scratch. But if anyone has a stainless apron front sink, are scratches on the front a huge issue? Thanks! This whole process is just MADDENING.

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